Chess 2022 tips & tricks

Chess 2022

Navigation keys

Key Function
Up Undo a halfmove (Move up in the Record)
Down Redo a halfmove (Move down in the Record)
Page up Undo 10 moves (5 moves if the Main variation panel is displayed)
Page down Redo 10 moves (5 moves if the Main variation panel is displayed)
Home Undo all moves (Go to the beginning of the Record)
End Redo all moves (Go to the end of the Record)
Escape If a dialog is displayed: Close the dialog
If a menu is opened: Close the menu
Otherwise: Refresh the main window

Keyboard shortcuts: Hotkeys

Frequently used menu items are assigned hotkeys. These are shown directly in the main menu to the right from the item text. For example, the item File > Open... is assigned Ctrl+O. This means that the command can be executed by pressing and holding Ctrl, then pressing O, and releasing both keys.

Chess 2022

Keyboard shortcuts: Menu mnemonics

These shortcuts are assigned to all menu items. If you press and hold the Alt key, each menu item has a character underlined that defines the mnemonic key. When the Alt key is pressed, you can press and release a sequence of mnemonic keys in order to open a menu item. For example, the "About Chess 2022" dialog can be displayed through the following actions:
  1. Press and hold the Alt key.
  2. Press and release the H key.
  3. Press and release the A key.
  4. Release the Alt key.
Chess 2022

Drag & drop

There are three kinds of drag & drop operations:
  • Drag & drop a piece to make a move.
  • Drag & drop a chess file onto the app window so as to open it.
  • Drag & drop the app window: If you click and hold on the uncovered picture background on one of the edges, the mouse pointer changes into four arrows. As you keep holding the mouse button, you can move the app window as needed.
Chess 2022

Edit mode

Place pawns to the first or last row to promote them. Via this technique, it is possible to set up a position with multiple queens / rooks / etc.

Closing dialog windows

  • Hit Enter or Spacebar to push the highlighted button — typically OK.
  • Hit Escape or click outside the dialog to close the dialog without confirming — equivalent to clicking the Cancel button.