Frequently asked questions

Will the license still be valid if I reinstall my PC?
Yes, the licenses remain valid when you reinstall your PC or replace it with a new one.

The license has no time limit, but the warranty lasts for two years, what does it mean?
As new products are launched, the older ones are eventually discontinued. Technical support for a product is still available for at least two years after its end of sale. The last buyer of the product is covered for two years. Most customers receive substantially longer support — by the end of the last buyer's warranty. Even beyond this period, the product will likely work, but will not be maintained.

Will keep customer data forever?
The extent of personal data collection is kept to a reasonable minimum. The goal is to provide software and support. Personal data is deleted when no longer needed.

What does a version label such as 2022.1 mean?
Each version label identifies a product and its update number. Version 2022.0 is the initial release of Chess 2022. Version 2022.1 means Chess 2022 update 1. The product license is valid for all updates.

Why does the computer's pawn take my pawn that is to its side, not diagonally ahead of it?
This is a legal move called en passant capture.

What are the rules of American checkers / English draughts?
Concise rules of American checkers.