Privacy policy


Personal data is primarily collected and processed by the authorized reseller — FastSpring. The data is used for conducting the sale and its subset is sent to the author. See FastSpring Privacy Policy.

The author processes personal data exclusively to the extent necessary to fulfill the licensing contract. Information on this page describes the privacy policy of the author.

Processing of personal data

  • Data controller: Filip Höfer, Očovská 3705/28, 69501 Hodonín, Czechia, European Union.
  • The purpose of processing: Fulfillment of the contract based on the purchase of a software license, i.e., software product licensing and associated customer service.
  • Categories of processed personal data: Address and identification data, descriptive data, other.
  • Extent of processed data: Order number, order date, email address, preferred language, product version, product license.
  • Category of data subjects: Customers that order licenses of software products.
  • The processing is automated via an electronic database.
  • No collected information is disclosed to other parties.
  • Customers may request information on the processing of their personal data.
  • Customers may request the administrator to update their personal data.
  • Customers may request the administrator to correct any processing irregularity that would interfere with their privacy or violate data protection laws.
  • Requests regarding personal data processing are handled via customer service — Contact.

Data retention policy

Licenses that are obsolete will be terminated. A license is deemed obsolete if the following conditions are both met:
  1. The licensed product has reached the end of life (EOL).
  2. The license has been inactive for more than two years.
In that case, the related personal data is also scheduled for deletion. The deletion is performed on a regular basis so that an obsolete license is stored for at least two but no more than five years from the date on which the user ceased to use the EOL product.

Web technologies

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