Chess 2024 updates

Check if you are up to date

Your Chess 2024 installation can be updated to the latest version, free of charge. In the app, the version is displayed via menu Help > About Chess 2024. If your app reports a lower version number than 2024.3, please use one of the update methods:

Update automatically

In the full version, automatic updates are turned on by default — please check menu Help > Automatic updates. If the menu item is checked, the app automatically downloads new versions of itself. Please allow a few days for an automatic update to be delivered. The distribution is gradual. When an update is ready to be installed, the app displays a prompt giving the choice to install immediately or later.

Update manually

To update the software while keeping your settings, just download and run the new installer. Do not uninstall the app.

It is OK to do a manual update even if automatic updates are on. Both ways are compatible.