Chess 2024 changelog

January 2024: Update 1

  • Improved adaptive level mechanism.
  • More even differences between game levels, narrowed the gap between Hobby player and Chess enthusiast.
  • Performance improvements, including faster startup.
  • Updated icon image, making it a bit darker.
  • Rephrased Czech texts related to the adaptive level feature.
  • Updated third-party components.

November 2023: Initial release

Chess 2024 has been introduced as a new product in the Filip Höfer Chess software line. Main new features include:
  • Adaptive game level — Play chess and progress smoothly between levels.
  • Contextual button to streamline the game flow — Accept/offer a draw or resignation, continue to the next game.
  • Less borders, more chessboard — Enjoy graphics with dynamic scaling: up to 20% larger chessboard, depending on the window size.
  • UCI engine options — Utilize the full power of your PC, including multi-core configuration.
  • New visuals — Try new sets of chess pieces, including 3D projections.