Chess 2020 changelog

June 2022: Update 20

  • Improved look of buttons in dialog windows.
  • Alignment with recent Windows 11 updates.
  • Updated third-party components.

March 2022: Update 19

  • Improved modal dialogs.
  • Integration with the new website.
  • Updated third-party components.

March 2021: Update 18

  • Improved German translation.
  • Improved UCI interface to prevent some engines from hanging in timed games.
  • Fine-tuned UCI dialog layout.
  • Fixed Windows XP compatibility.
  • Updated third-party components.

January 2021: Update 17

  • Improved New Game dialog.
  • Corrected piece-capture animation.
  • Fixed FEN parsing.
  • Fixed PGN parsing.
  • Improved automatic stopping of computation.
  • Corrected German translation.
  • Fixed loading of game parameters from files containing edit operations.
  • Updated third-party components.

March 2020: Update 16

  • Improved user interface.
  • Updated third-party components.

November 2019: Update 15

  • Improved user interface.
  • Support of PGN files encoded in UTF-8 with BOM.
  • Switched to https when opening web pages.
  • Updated third-party components.

July 2019: Update 14

  • Fixed startup issues.
  • Fixed main menu behavior.
  • Reliable autosave.
  • Improved handling of forced termination (such as when the operating system is restarting to update itself).
  • Updated third-party components.
  • Reduced disk space requirements by 30%.

February 2019: Update 13

  • File dialogs default to details view and preserve user-defined window size.
  • File opening via drag & drop.

February 2019: Update 12

User interface improvements.

August 2018: Update 11

  • Fixed window refreshing after restoring from minimized state.
  • Compatibility updates.

June 2018: Update 10

Precised the handling of draw criteria in certain low-material situations.

January 2018: Update 9

Fixed bug in chess clock.

January 2018: Update 8

  • Larger chessboard (depending on screen resolution and window size).
  • Improved user interface look and behavior, especially on tablets and high-resolution displays.
  • Sounds.
  • Startup time reduced by 50%.
  • Updated playing style.
  • Added skill level: Upper Intermediate.

November 2017: Update 7

  • Corrected dialog layout.
  • Fixed drag & drop operation in edit mode.

August 2017: Update 6

  • AI optimizations, including better time management in games with a time limit.
  • GUI optimizations. Improved text legibility. The keyboard shortcut for 'Advise move' has been changed from Ctrl+A to Ctrl+D in order not to interfere with the 'Select all' command.
  • Improved PGN support. AI settings such as the selected engine and level are now imprinted into files generated by Chess 2020.
  • Improved chess clock. It starts after the first move of White and it automatically stops when viewing move history.
  • Fixed file open/save functionality that has been broken on some Windows 10 machines since Microsoft update 1703.

May 2017: Update 5

New dialog for setting up the game level, improved rendering of graphic background, faster startup.

April 2017: Update 4

GUI improvements, optimized artificial intelligence for a more balanced performance throughout the game.

April 2017: Update 3

GUI improvements, fixed bug affecting game level Expert and higher.

March 2017: Update 2

Fixed minor reported issues.

March 2017: Update 1

Fixed various compatibility issues including pawn promotion on screens with very high resolution.

March 2017: Initial release

Chess 2020 has been introduced as a new product in the Filip Höfer chess software line.