Chess 2022 changelog

May 2024: Update 6

  • Improvements in graphics, better scaling support and window refresh.
  • Fix for freezing file dialogs, especially critical for UCI engine selection.
  • Improved installer — more compact, faster installation, faster updating.
  • Improved GUI performance through more efficient synchronization of parallel threads.
  • Improved status bar content.
  • Underlined hyperlinks in dialogs.
  • Updated third-party components.

February 2024: Update 5

  • Improved dialog layout.
  • Fixed on-screen keyboard input on tablets.
  • Improved behavior when Windows display settings change while the app is open.
  • Updated dialog sizing so that dialogs have proper dimensions depending on the window size, especially when maximized on high-resolution screens.
  • Fixed distorted chessboard edges, which used to appear with some combinations of screen resolutions and scaling settings.
  • Corrected French translation.
  • Fixed main menu layout in French.
  • Performance improvements, including faster startup.
  • Slightly higher memory requirements.
  • Updated third-party components.

June 2022: Update 4

  • The app is faster.
  • Improved look of buttons in dialog windows.
  • Alignment with recent Windows 11 updates.
  • Improved layout of New game dialog and UCI dialog.
  • Updated third-party components.

March 2022: Update 3

  • Improved PGN formatting.
  • App window restored from minimized state before showing a dialog.
  • App window restored from minimized state when started while already running.
  • Code optimization.
  • Adaptations for Windows 11.
  • Improved look of dialog windows.
  • Integration with the new website.
  • Updated highlighting of the last move on the following boards: Light brown, Light gray, Gray, Dark gray.
  • Updated third-party components.

April 2021: Update 2

  • Improved menu localization.
  • Visual transitions consume less system resources.
  • Improved New Game dialog.
  • Improved UCI interface to prevent some engines from hanging in timed games.
  • Improved opening of web pages.
  • Improved update notifications.
  • Improved error handling.
  • UI code optimization.

December 2020: Update 1

  • Improved behavior of time control.
  • Sound effect played when time runs out.
  • Adjusted sound volume and matching effects to pawns and other pieces.
  • Fixed the Ctrl+M shortcut (Mute/Unmute sounds).
  • Added a darker shade of gray to chessboard styles.
  • Improved highlighting for gray chessboards.
  • Improved anti-aliasing.
  • Background-image retouching.
  • Improved menu rendering.
  • Fixed loading of game parameters from files containing edit operations.
  • Automatic adjustment of perspective when loading games against computer.
  • Improved chessboard control logic.
  • Flexible memory management: Lower requirements if RAM is small (under 3 GB);
    Higher memory consumption and better performance (about 20% faster than 2022.0) if RAM is large.
  • Better stability in low-memory conditions.
  • Low memory warnings when appropriate.
  • Fixed typos.

October 2020: Initial release

Chess 2022 has been introduced as a new product in the Filip Höfer chess software line.