Chess 2013 changelog

March 2022: Update 20

Improved About dialog (better legibility, especially on Windows 11), integration with the new website, updated third-party components.

February 2021: Update 19

Corrected German translation, updated third-party components.

January 2020: Update 18

Updated third-party components, reduced disk space requirements by 30%.

August 2017: Update 17

Fixed file open/save functionality that has been broken on some Windows 10 machines since Microsoft update 1703.

April 2017: Update 16

Compatibility improvements, fixed bug affecting game level Expert and higher.

January 2017: Update 15

Graphics improvements and bug fixes.

December 2016: Update 14

Improved legibility of the History panel, lower system requirements.

November 2016: Update 13

Improved internationalization.

April 2016: Update 12

Faster endgame computation.

October 2015: Update 11

Optimized for Windows 10, simplified installation.

September 2015: Update 10

Lower memory requirements. The application now also runs on older machines.

August 2015: Update 9

Bug fixes, improved and faster user interface.

June 2014: Update 8

Updated user interface messages.

May 2014: Update 7

Improved user interface logic, fixed loading of PGN files with nested comments, integration with new website structure.

January 2014: Update 6

Improved artificial intelligence, corrected PGN writing, corrected Evaluation panel.

November 2013: Update 5

Autosave, improved artificial intelligence (higher levels more difficult), new difficulty level: Hobby player (a total of 10 levels), smoother animations, improved animations and highlighting of piece captures, wide-screen friendlier layout, miscellaneous graphical interface fixes and enhancements, faster loading of PGN files, French language.

May 2013: Update 4

Improved file handling.

May 2013: Update 3

Smaller memory footprint, user interface enhancements, this update also fixes the problem with starting the application on some systems.

May 2013: Update 2

Faster endgame computations, mouse control issue fixed.

May 2013: Update 1

Faster startup, faster switching between graphic styles, simplified installation, fixed help page loading.

May 2013: Initial release

Chess 2013 has been introduced as a new product in the Filip Höfer chess software line.