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November 2019

Update 2020.15 for Chess 2020:

  • Improved user interface.
  • Support of PGN files encoded in UTF-8 with BOM.
  • Switched to https when opening web pages.
  • Updated third-party components.

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January 2019

Update 2020.12 for Chess 2020:

User interface improvements.

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July 2019

Update 2020.14 for Chess 2020:

  • Fixed startup issues.
  • Fixed main menu behavior.
  • Reliable autosave.
  • Improved handling of forced termination
    (such as when operating system is restarting to update itself).
  • Updated third-party components.
  • Reduced disk space requirements by 30%.

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August 2018

Update 2020.11 for Chess 2020:

  • Fixed window refreshing after restoring from minimized state
  • Compatibility updates

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June 2019
July 2018

Customer review
Can't compliment enough on Chess 2020. Although its tediously slow on Grand Master Level, it offers genuine alternatives to Stockfish moves, elicits thinking about strategy, and hence delights as learning tool. :)
--Frank, Australia

June 2019

Customer review
Have been enjoying Chess 2020 for quite some time now. Noticed a unique approach when countering moves even at a lower level, up to intermediate thus far. Accuracy is almost vexing compared to other games.
--Frank, Australia

June 2018

Update 2020.10 for Chess 2020:

Precised the handling of draw criteria in certain low-material situations.

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February 2019

Update 2020.13 for Chess 2020 brings improved file handling in the full version:

  • File dialogs default to details view and preserve user-defined window size.
  • File opening via drag&drop.

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February 2018

Customer review
I have bought Chess 2020. It works perfectly and gives me a great challenge. It is excellent that one can save own settings, game in progress as well as endgame solutions and then come back to that anytime. It's great. I don't regret this "investment" at all :)
--Milan, Czechia

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