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January 2021

Chess 2022 customer review
Using Chess 2022 on tournament level I was really surprised when I tried the Queen's Gambit trap I learned online. The program saw the trap and did not take. Very clever.
--Allan, Canada

October 2020

New product: Chess 2022 has been released!

Existing customers will receive an upgrade discount via email in late October / early November.
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January 2021

Chess 2022 featured in the February issue of the Czech edition of CHIP magazine. The issue comes out on January 20.

September 2020

Chess 2020 customer review
Really good work. Simple, clear graphics; but best of all, there are more difficulty levels and these are not created out of thin air but very well designed, so that an amateur or child can improve and one can enjoy chess instead of beating the first level easily and then being decisively defeated in the second level.
--Martin, Czechia

December 2020

Update 1 for Chess 2022:

  • Improved behavior of time control.
  • Sound effect played when time runs out.
  • Adjusted sound volume and matching effects to pawns and other pieces.
  • Fixed the Ctrl+M shortcut (Mute/Unmute sounds).
  • Added a darker shade of gray to chessboard styles.
  • Improved highlighting for gray chessboards.
  • Improved anti-aliasing.
  • Background-image retouching.
  • Improved menu rendering.
  • Fixed loading of game parameters from files containing edit operations.
  • Automatic adjustment of perspective when loading games against computer.
  • Improved chessboard control logic.
  • Flexible memory management: Lower requirements if RAM is small (under 3 GB);
    Higher memory consumption and better performance (about 20% faster than 2022.0) if RAM is large.
  • Better stability in low-memory conditions.
  • Low memory warnings when appropriate.
  • Fixed typos.

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August 2020

Chess 2020 customer review
I have bought Chess 2020 a year ago. The design is very thoughtful, all aspects of the app are great. Looking forward to further releases!
--Mirek, Czechia

December 2020

Chess 2020 customer review
I think it's a very nice program. I was looking for something like this.
--Wim, The Netherlands

March 2020

Update 16 for Chess 2020:

  • Improved user interface.
  • Updated third-party components.

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October 2020

Early impressions of Chess 2022 - Customer reviews

The new program is absolutely delightful and I am already having fun with it! I will never know how good the machine is at the high levels of play but it seems uncanningly human at the enthusiast level.
--TT, South Africa

Computer play is quicker and uses less RAM.  Positional play is stronger.  Endgames are stronger.
--David, Australia

January 2020

Update 18 for Chess 2013:

  • Updated third-party components.
  • Reduced disk space requirements by 30%.

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