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Chess 2022 for Windows

Chess 2022 - Staunton Chess Set Chess 2022 - Porcelain Chess Set


Looking for a computer opponent, position analyzer or just a virtual chessboard? Chess 2022 elegantly combines ease of use with rich functionality. Its development has heavily relied on user feedback to optimize game experience across various Windows devices and screen resolutions, up to 4K. This 64-bit app is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 8.

Chess 2022 is installed as a free version with basic features and no expiration. The purchase unlocks all features.


Version: 2022.2  Size: 101 MB

Price: $29.90 | €26.90



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The chessboard below is a feature matrix that shows main differences between the free version (upper row) and the full version (lower row). Discover the features by tapping, clicking, or hovering...

Game against computer

Two-player game

Reading PGN and FEN files

Recreational levels

Chess clock

Highlighting of moves

Visual styles


Position analysis and coach's advice

Position editing

Saving games to files and clipboard

Higher levels

UCI support

Main Variation panel

Taken Pieces panel

Automatic updates