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Chess 2020 Features

Play against the computer

Intuitive controls. Chess 2020 is always ready to be your chess companion without any complicated setting up.

12 built-in skill levels

Pick yours:
Recreational player,
Hobby player,
Upper intermediate,
Club player,
Higher-class player,
Also, user can have random moves generated, or configure an external UCI engine.

Multi-threaded artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence algorithm uses multiple processor cores, which rapidly decreases the time needed to calculate moves. Additionally, the user interface is not blocked by the calculations, allowing the user to access other functions of the application. This can be particularly useful for the highest difficulty levels. At most difficulty levels, the calculation only takes a fraction of a second on modern PCs.

UCI support

In addition to built-in skill levels, Chess 2020 allows to plug in an arbitrary UCI-compatible chess engine. It is also possible to set up a match between two engines.

Visual styles

Chess 2020 provides a choice of visual styles for chess pieces and chessboard. High-resolution photo backgrounds look great on large as well as small screens.


Sound effects are played when making moves, promoting pawns, and at the end of the game.

Move history

It is possible to undo and redo moves throughout the game in a browser-like fashion.

Evaluation of positions

The computer displays the evaluation of the current position as a byproduct of move calculations (in the units of centipawns, 1 pawn = 100 points).

Move highlighting

The application has several options for highlighting important squares. Upon picking a piece, you can have the piece highlighted along with the squares it can access. The last move can also be highlighted. Additionally, Chess 2020 can visualize the moves that are considered during AI computations.

Save and load games in PGN and FEN

Portable Game Notation (PGN) as well as Forsyth–Edwards Notation (FEN) are supported for saving and loading your games. PGN files are widely available on the Internet and are compatible with other chess programs. FEN notation is automatically embedded into PGN as needed, but it can also be used separately for file input/output or with Windows clipboard.


Upon request, the computer will analyze any valid chess position and suggest the best move. This feature also evaluates the selected position. Additionally, the advisor provides the count of available moves - this is particularly useful when in check.

Smart taken pieces display

Optionally, taken pieces are displayed below the chessboard. The pieces are sorted according to their value. Hence, it is easy to tell the strength of each side. Captured pawns are shown in matching columns. Bishops are put on squares of matching color. Other taken pieces are sorted according to their value and their starting file.

Chessboard editor

The edit mode allows to move pieces arbitrarily across the board, off the board and back. It is also possible set the side to move side and the move number. The status bar informs whether the position is legal or not and why. The resulting position can be stored, analyzed and played.

Main variation

Optionally, the computer displays the expected upcoming move sequence. The moves are updated live while the computer is thinking. The length of the sequence depends on the selected skill level.

Timed games

It is possible to set a game clock and a bonus per move. Win by checkmating or by making the opponent run out of time. Computer automatically adjusts to the time control, but it may make mistakes depending on the PC speed. Just like a regular game, you can save a timed game to a file and open it later. You will find the clock as you left it - the clock information is stored and loaded along with the moves. The clock is also set appropriately when browsing the history.

Arbitrary player setup

Support of two players at one computer, computer-vs-computer play. Possibility to swap sides during the game.

Please refer to the Help page for instructions how to use the features as well as for the specification of the feature subset offered by the free version.