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What is New in Chess 2020

Chess 2020 look and feel will be familiar to those who have played Chess 2013 or Chess 2012. The three main areas of improvement are detailed below. On top of that, there are many tweaks that improve user experience, such as a more intuitive main menu. The number of top-level menu items has been reduced from 11 to 8. Visual styles have been integrated into the View menu. Skill level is now set for Computer (opponent) and Advisor separately. Computer is the AI that starts the game at the top of the chessboard. Advisor is the AI that starts the game at the bottom of the chessboard. Advisor also provides advice for either side when requested via the Advisor menu. As of Chess 2020 initial release, there were a total of about 200 changes between Chess 2020 and Chess 2013. And even more improvements are added via software updates.

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Graphics and Sound

Graphics and Sound

Displays get bigger and better. Chess 2020 is able to render up to four-times larger chessboard than Chess 2013, in terms of pixel count. All dialog windows are properly scaled so that the texts are comfortably legible. Furthermore, Chess 2020 automatically adjusts parameters of graphic effects to fit the performance of a particular computer.

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Chess Standards

Chess Standards

Based on popular demand, Chess 2020 broadens the extent of the support of industry standards: PGN, FEN, UCI.

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Chess 2020 has a similar set of skill levels to Chess 2013. Each Chess 2020 skill level is about 30 ELO points stronger than the same level in the predecessor application. The improvements affect all phases of the game, but particularly the endgame. In turn, higher skill levels become a bit more challenging. However, lower difficulty levels are still designed to be very playable.


PGN support is improved so that Chess 2020 can also load games that start with a custom setup position. This is achieved by supporting embedded FEN. Such games can be loaded, played, edited, and saved again.


FEN can be loaded from a file or from Windows clipboard. Similarly, any position can be exported to FEN.


UCI support allows to use an external engine with Chess 2020. It also allows to set up a match between two different engines.

High Resolution

The application looks great on a variety of screen resolutions. Screen sizes from 800x600 to 4K Ultra HD are supported. New background theme features brass chess pieces.

New Chess Pieces

Chess 2020 comes with two new sets of chess pieces. Staunton style provides a classic look. Heads style is inspired by actual physical chess pieces. All Chess 2013 styles are also included.


Since update 2020.8, the application optionally plays sound effects.

Improved Highlighting and Animations

Highlighting of user-selected piece has been added so that touchscreen control is more comfortable. Animations of piece captures and promotions have been improved.