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Information on the Processing of Personal Data

  • Data controller: Filip Höfer, Ocovska 3705/28, 69501 Hodonin, CZ, European Union.
  • The purpose of processing: Fulfillment of the contract based on the purchase of a software license, i.e., software product licensing and associated customer service.
  • Categories of processed personal data: address and identification data, descriptive data, other.
  • Extent of processed data: order number, order date, email address, preferred language, product version, product license.
  • Category of data subjects: customers that order licenses of software products.
  • Duration of personal data retention: Personal data is kept as long as the associated licenses are valid. If a license has no time limit, it is terminated upon two years of inactivity. In that case, the related personal information is also deleted.
  • The processing is automated via an electronic database.
  • No collected information is disclosed to other parties.
  • Customers may request information on the processing of their personal data.
  • Customers may request the administrator to update their personal data.
  • Customers may request the administrator to repair any processing that would interfere with their privacy or violate data protection laws.
  • Requests regarding personal data processing are handled via customer service - Contact.