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Filip Höfer, Očovská 3705/28, 69501 Hodonín, Czechia, European Union

Terms and Conditions

Software products are licensed on the basis of intellectual property laws. Sales are conducted via authorized reseller (FastSpring). Customer enters the reseller-provided secure payment gateway by clicking the Buy button on this Web site or by clicking the Buy button directly in the software product.

Characteristics of the Goods:
Software license without a time restriction

2 years

Money-Back Guarantee:
30 days from purchase

Privacy Policy

Personal data sent to the authorized reseller is maintained by the reseller. The data is used for conducting the sale and its subset is sent to the author. See FastSpring Privacy Policy.

The author collects personal data exclusively to the extent necessary to fulfill the licensing contract. See Information on the Processing of Personal Data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the license still be valid if I reinstall my PC?
Yes, the licenses remain valid when you reinstall your PC or replace it with a new one.

The license has no time limit, but the warranty lasts two years, what does it mean?
Every product still receives technical support for at least two years after discontinuing the sale of the particular product. Furhermore, the author will terminate licenses inactive for more than two years. In that case, the related personal data is also deleted.

Product Archive

Checkers 1 - Technical support provided through November 2022

Chess 2012 - Technical support provided through August 2019

About the Author

For the past few years, programming is my full-time+ career. I work part-time as a software engineer for Atos IT Solutions and Services. For quite a while, I have also been an enthusiast chess developer and this Web site mainly serves as the home of my chess software. I had published my first chess game during university studies, but earlier chess software experiments date back to high school. In 2011, I decided to utilize my experience in this area to create a professional product. The first commercial product was finished in summer 2012. Since it has been well-received, I continue developing chess software. My aim is to run a win-win business model, where the customer is always right. I am very much open for user feedback, whether positive or negative, it is always valuable for further development. Since I manage the works myself, it is possible to flexibly react to requirements and personally address user issues. If you like my software, I will appreciate if you recommend it to your friends.

Filip Höfer


Igor Kuba - website programming

Alena Podolníková - professional photography

Barbora Podolníková - creative graphic design

Gabriela Podolníková - translation to French

Ingo Sobolewski - translation to German